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Product Description

Part Type: CDI Ignition Coil spark plug set
- Size: about 7cm(L) X 4cm(W) X 5cm(H)
- This is a AC CDI 6(2/4) pins and Aluminum alloy, works with the GY6 type plug on it, with an AC ignition system.
- This CDI is similar to our orange performance CDI but has a more aggressive ignition advance curve.
- Plug and Play installation makes installation a breeze! If your CDI has the same plug, this will work for you!
- FITS: For the GY6 50cc, 125cc, and 150cc 139QMB, 152QMI and 157QMJ based engines.
Ignition Coil:
- Length of the wire: about 36.7cm
- Improve combustion, increase electrical performance. Works with Honda GY6 scooter such as Ruckus, Spree, Aero, Elite.
- The special tight coil design made for current resistance that increases the firing speed.
- Fits for 50cc QMB139 and 150cc/125cc GY6 engine based scooters, ATVs, Go Karts, Mopeds.
Spark Plug:
- Length: about 6.7cm
- Spark Plug is a high peformance spark plug.
1. Instruction is not included.
2. Size may have inaccuracy due to hand measure.
3. Please check wheather you need the AC fired CDI or DC fired CDI for your scooter before you order it ,thanks.
Package Included:
1 X Racing CDI
1 X Ignition Coil
1 X Spark Plug

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